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The Story

I’m Rosedanny Ortiz, the creator of “More Faith” personal blog. The vision of this blog is “Let us grow our faith in God together.” By sharing my personal experiences, my pastoral process, reflexions, among others, we will grow together in our faith.

A little bit about me: I graduated in December 2015 with a BS in Computer Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. On March 5, 2016, I married the love of my life, Luis Malavé. That same year, we moved to Dallas Texas where we became members of Casa Linda United Methodist Church. In this local church is where I started to answer some discernment questions about my call to ministry. I came to understand that it was time to begin the process to be an elder at the North Texas Conference (NTC) in the United Methodist Church (UMC). Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Divinity at Perkins School of Theology in the Southern Methodist University (SMU). On 2019, I became the mom of a beautiful daughter, Sofía Isabel. Currently, I’m the director of family ministries at my home church.

But, how this blog started? God put me the desire to create a personal blog for a long time. As time passed, God confirmed this desire through different people. First, I want to give thanks to the blog MÁS+ created by Angela Ortiz and Felix G. Torres from Puerto Rico who gave me inspiration for different ways to reach out others to help them in their relationship with God. Their vision is edification and motivation of a generation with more passion for Christ. Secondly, I thank Pastor David Rangel who asked me to write and preach on February 24 about spiritual practices. This sermon called "Grow," described the spiritual practices in the Old Testament, New Testament, and the early Methodist. It also mentions the new spiritual practices, and how we can apply them to our spiritual life as a way to grow our faith in God. Lastly, after the sermon was preached, an elderly member, Shirley Boyd, thank me. She shared with me that she had the desire for many years to discover different ways to grow in her faith and that the message had answered her.

This blog would be a way to share with others many things that I have learned and discover in the way to grow my faith. I hope this blog would help us grow in our faith in God TOGETHER!


Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my blog! I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. I have taken the opportunity by staying home to begin something new, this website. It has been over a year that I started my blog on Instagram and Facebook. For this 2020, I want to create new material that perhaps posting on social media was not the best way to do it. Also, seeing other classmates and friends who had been using this gave me the courage to do it too. I want to share with you in more detai


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