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Pastoral Prayer - October 1

Hello everyone,

I hope this prayer can comfort your hearts in whatever situation you face. Feel free to send me your prayer requests or leave a comment on this post with your prayers. Know that I'm praying for you. I may not know you, but God knows you.

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"God, we thank you because as we opened our eyes this morning, took a deep breath, removed the bed sheets from our bodies, and took the first steps out of the bed, you led us to come here, our community of faith. You led us here to seek for you. To hear you, to feel your presence, and to know in our hearts that you always will love us and that your grace sustains us no matter the situation that we may be facing at this very moment.

We give you thanks because even though our lives can be chaotic for a few moments, you keep showing us that your love is enough to help us keep moving forward. That even when we don’t see a way or feel trapped, you show us the way to you.

We give you thanks, God, for the support you provide us through the people we already know and through the people that we continue to meet. Helps us, oh God, to bless them as they are a blessing to us.

We give you thanks for this special day. First of all, for the celebration of new beginnings, all of us gather together in only one worship service. May this new worship continue to be transformative to our lives, may this new worship continue to glorify your name, and may this worship lead us to new, innovative, and creative ways to reach out to our community. We thank you because, in our church and worldwide, followers of your son Jesus Christ will gather to receive the Holy Communion, the bread, and the cup. We are celebrating our unity in Jesus!

As Kate Bowler says, “Blessed are we, turning our eyes ahead toward a new path not yet mapped. God, give us courage to take this next step and enough for the one after that too. Reminds us that you have gone before, and behind, and around, and are with us now. In our leaving, in our arriving, in our changes, expected or shocking surprise us with who we might become. Amen."

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