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Pastoral Prayer - October 22

Hello everyone,

I hope this prayer can comfort your hearts in whatever situation you face. Feel free to send me your prayer requests or leave a comment on this post with your prayers. Know that I'm praying for you. I may not know you, but God knows you.

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"God, we come together this morning knowing you are a grace God. Because of your love for us, you continue to help us find ways to grow in our faith. We are grateful for the opportunities we have here in our church to become disciples of your Son, Jesus Christ. That even when we doubt about your power in the storms in life that we go through, you show us time and time again that you are there with us. As the disciples in the story in the gospels, there are moments that we feel like we are perishing, but you remind us to trust in you, to have faith, and not be afraid.

Be with those who are going through a storm called sickness. God, we pray for physical health, work through their doctors, and bring healing, God. We pray for mental health. Help those struggling to find ways to get help. To not be afraid to ask for it and bring healing, God.

At this moment, God, there is a horrible storm called war between Israel and Gaza. Please, God, make this war stop. So many people are afraid for their lives. It is heartbreaking to see videos of kids trying to be strong, holding their tears, their pain. Doctors trying to do their work not only treat physical wounds but also emotional wounds. It is hard to hear about the many innocent lives lost. God brings healing to this world. Change hearts of stone to hearts of flesh that have you. Guide our humanity to find ways to resolve conflicts that do not lead to violence. Because violence is not the answer, innocent lives lost is not the answer.

God, make your Holy Spirit flood the earth, transform hearts, transform lives. Help us to become imitators of your son Jesus Christ. What a great world we could live in if your love and grace inspire all we do. Helps us, oh God. As parts of the song Flood The Earth from Jesus Culture says:

Break down the walls, push back the dark, light of the world, move in our hearts. There's a stirring in the spirit, something holy, can You feel it? Every heart here finding healing. In this moment you are revealing. God, Let Your glory and Your power. Let Your majesty and worth, Flood the earth. Let the rumors of Your kingdom, Let Your name without reserve, Flood the earth. Because with you God, Freedom is here, Fear has to leave, pain has to go and Darkness retreat.”

We thank you for your presence among us, for listening, and for responding. We lift all our prayers, knowing God that you love us, as we conclude by praying as the body of Christ, the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray…"

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