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It Starts Tomorrow

These past weeks had been fantastic! As you know, I have been appointed as Lead Pastor of Casa Linda Church starting tomorrow. Yes, it starts tomorrow, and I can’t believe it.

These last weeks I had worked a lot. I had been reorganizing my schedule. I have to schedule a time to study for my three classes: Moral Theology, Pastoral Care, and Social Innovations. Schedule time for my spiritual growth, my sabbatical day. Also, time for my family, and of course, the church. It has not been easy, but it has helped to have my Faith & Focus Christian Planner to do it.

During this transition, I had my first meeting with the executive team, and it was awesome! I was so excited about this meeting to happened and present my first ideas. After the session was finished, I was more excited.

I also met with the Congregational Care Team, which helped me deliver Fall bags to our members. We send out this Fall bag full of snacks and with my first pastoral letter. In this letter, I shared with them my excitement to be their lead pastor. My desire to help them achieve God’s plans through this church by trusting, always, in the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, I shared with the whole congregation this last Sunday that Casa Linda Church will not only have “A New Beginning” with a new lead pastor but also with an associate pastor. I’m so happy to share with all of you that pastor Juan Rios is joining the staff at Casa Linda! Juan is a licensed local pastor in the North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church who has experience working as an intern, youth program director, and outreach pastor. His wife, Eliana Sillas Rios, is also a local pastor serving at Arapaho UMC.

I can’t wait to begin to plan Casa Linda’s next adventures sharing the gospel with our community making disciples, and praying that they can experience a transformation through God’s unconditional love.

I can’t wait to share with all of you what will happen in the next few days…it’s starts tomorrow!


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