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Pastoral Prayer - August 13

Last Sunday, at worship, I had the privilege to share a pastoral prayer, and I want to share it with all of you. I hope it can comfort your hearts in whatever situation you may face.



"Amazing God, we come to your presence with humble hearts knowing that we breathe because of you. We are grateful for the ways you continue to seek us, for the ways you continue to show up, demonstrating how much you love us. We are thankful for the love we experience from you daily through our friends, families, brothers, and sisters in Christ and through the kindness of a stranger.

God, we ask this morning to continue to surprise us. God continues to lead us into the human beings you created, full of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Help us grow in our faith, to seek to imitate more and more your son Jesus Christ more and more. God, we know that we can't do this by ourselves, we need you, but also, we need each other. We need support from one another because God, when things in our lives are so complicated when we are in pain and suffering, we may try to separate from you, to be far away from your path. We know that being surrounded by others who seek you, who love you, makes life a little bit easier.

At this time around the world, some people need you, Lord; some suffer and feel alone. We ask you, God, to show up! Show up by sending them help in their time of need. Let them feel loved by you, God. We know that people are suffering from hunger, sex trafficking, violence, mental and physical health, from grieving. God, show them your love and presence.

Today specifically, we pray for the people of Lahaina, Hawaii. We know God that you hear our cry, and your presence will always be with us regardless of circumstances. The people of Lahaina are suffering. They have lost everything, their homes, and personal items, including memories of their families and lives. Some lost their lives; many are still missing. Oh God, please bring comfort at this time. Bless them, the helpers, the first responders, and the rescue workers. Bless those who feel helpless.

God, we know that you will bring the people of Lahaina and worldwide together to help them rebuild. Guide them, God, and let them use all the resources that will be donated used wisely. God, you know what they need. And we pray that your presence can be felt and seen through words, neighboring action, and love. Because as your word says, you are always with us!

In Jesus's name, we pray, amen!"


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