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Pastoral Prayer - September 3

Hello everyone,

I hope this prayer can comfort your hearts in whatever situation you face. Feel free to send me your prayer requests or leave a comment on this post with your prayers. Know that I'm praying for you. I may not know you, but God knows you.

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"God, some of us may have come this morning with heavy hearts. Bring comfort. You know us, God, as your word says since we were in our mother’s womb. Because you know us better than ourselves, please help, guide, and mold us into the people you want us to be. We may have some cracks, but you continue to mold us to help us pick up the pieces and put ourselves back together. Our faith is the glue that keeps those broken pieces together to make us whole in you. No matter the scars we may have, you continue to love us, and you continue to guide us to become better.

Help us, God, that we can continue to share your good news in pain and joy. In suffering and happiness, we can continue to show our love for you toward others. God helps us see that in everything we experience, the good and the bad, you are there with us. Please help us understand that everything we share is an opportunity to get to know you more and continue to grow in our faith and our relationship with you.

As our faith grows, it will continue to hold our hearts stronger when we hear and see many horrible things happening around us. Things that sometimes we wish you could take away, things that we often want to never happen, never existed.

We pray for the continued wildfires. We especially pray for Louisiana. We pray for another natural disaster, Hurricane Idalia, that affected the areas of Florida. Also for the impact it had over South Georgia and Carolinas. God, make your presence known to all those affected by these natural disasters. Let them feel loved,

We pray for the families of Ralph Detwiler and Betty Garrett. Be with them in this painful time. We also pray for all the members of the Beacon Sunday School Class.

Lastly, God listens to each of our hearts here in this place. We thank you for your presence among us, for listening, and for responding in the many ways you manifest. We lift all our prayers, knowing God that you love us, and we conclude by praying as the body of Christ, the prayer that he taught us to pray…"

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