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Thirty weeks and we are packing!

Yes, you heard right! I can’t believe that we are 30 weeks today, and in 10 more weeks, more or less, we will meet our baby boy!

It is my third pregnancy, and I feel I’m getting better at packing for the hospital. So, for those new moms out there, I have created a list of the things you need for the hospital. Not only that, but also what you must pack for your partner and baby!

Also, I added a list of items you should pack in case of an emergency for your other children at home. It is good to have a plan B about where to leave your babies if you and your partner need to run to the hospital, especially if you don’t have family nearby like me.

Hospital & Baby Diaper Bag

If you like what you see in the pictures above, well, let me tell you that I'm in love with Fawn Design bags. They are the absolute best!

I first bought imitation diaper bags that can be found on Amazon as Miss Fong months after I had Sofía. They are really good, and I mostly use them for daycare purposes. But I have always wanted a Fawn bag, so I got my new diaper bag for baby Adriana last year!

First, I bought the Weekender Bag in a "special" buy one weekender and get a free Satchel Diaper Bag. So, I always wanted my weekender bag, which was the first item I got from Fawn. I'm very excited to use it this year as my hospital bag! I have everything I need right there. It is so spacious that I don't have to bring any other bag. So, I'm ready with my weekend bag for this May.

As for my Satchel Diaper Bag, I use it as an oversized purse or work bag. It is excellent for Sunday worship, where I bring "The Lives We Actually Have" book, my iPad, purse, snacks (yes, this prego lady gets hungry), and other daily items I use.

Second, I bought my first Fawn Diaper Bag, the Square Diaper Bag Bundle. It is huge! Initially, I used it only for Adriana, but I convinced my awesome hubby that the bag was big enough to have Adriana's and Sofía's things! In the last couple of weeks, we were able to fit everything. I love my new diaper bag!

Third, I bought the Original Diaper Bag Bundle for baby Luis Daniel! But don't worry, I didn't spend too much on it, because as my husband always jokes, I wait for the "specials." They sold the diaper bag at 50% off, so I had to get it. I have always wanted an original diaper bag, and it is ready for the hospital!

Hospital Checklist

Feel free to save these pictures into your cameral roll, or you can also download the pdf, print it out, and use it as you prepare for the arrival of your new baby!

MF_Hospital Bag Checklist
Download PDF • 5.05MB

Sofía Isabel Birth Story

My first daughter is already four, and my second is one! Both births were very different, and let me tell you why.

For my first daughter and baby girl, we went to the hospital around 10 AM thinking that my water broke, but it turned out that I just had a big leak. My water broke at the hospital while they were checking if I had my water break, lol. Well, after that, we stayed in the hospital.

They gave me medicine to help speed up the process. The contractions started to be very strong by 6 PM, and by that time, I asked for an epidural. Around 11 PM, I started pushing, and it lasted for three long hours, and by 2 AM, Sofía was born.

Breastfeeding was hard! I was unable to breastfeed Sofía because of broken, painful nipples. So, we switch to pumping, helping my breasts to heal. During our stay, we provided her with donated breastmilk that we brought from the hospital, and when we left, we took some home.

I didn't have any nipple cream or any postpartum care things that could help with the recovery during the hospital stayed. I used what the hospital gave me, but it was not great.

During our stay, one of our struggles was having snacks for daddy and not checking how to change the car seat height level. Sofía was a tall newborn, so we had to change the height level of her car seat without knowing exactly when we were discharged at lunchtime. We were starving, and it didn't help. So, a few things from this experience helped when Adriana's turn came!

The story of Sofía's birth didn't end there. Around a month later, I was admitted to the hospital for an emergency intravaginal surgery because I had a placenta left. Yes, you heard right, things that sometimes happen that no one prepares you for.

I had regular postpartum checkups with my OBGYN, and everything seemed normal. But one day, I started bleeding, including blood clots, when a sudden pain came. I was screaming because of the pain, and nothing could help. So, we went to the hospital, and they gave me morphine; it was not working; the pain was horrible. After the sonogram, they confirmed that I had a placenta left, and I was practically giving birth again, and my uterus was contracting the same way when you are giving birth.

So, yes, I had my surgery, and everything finally returned to normal after the horrible postpartum nightmare that no one wants to experience.

Adriana Rose Birth Story

My second daughter's birth, now one-year-old, was scheduled for induction. I was having a tough time with the pregnancy due to my level of anxiety due to my pastoral work. While pregnant with Adriana, I was closing a church. Besides having your body in stress enough because you are creating life, and your body by itself is exhausted, I was closing a church. Emotionally and physically demanding.

Well, the day for my induction came, and Sofía stayed with grandma Alma. This time around, after three years, I felt more prepared for this new birth. I added to my registry many items for postpartum care that I didn't have and needed. I'm so grateful to Frida Mom for providing all those essentials for mommy to be and easier the postpartum process, especially the first two weeks.

This time, we packed many snacks for hubby and added those postpartum care. But I also added the Frida Mom nipple care products that helped me achieve breastfeeding for four months. It was such a special moment that I got to share with my Adriana, which I didn't get the chance to do with my Sofía, and for that, I'm very grateful!

As for the birth, we arrived at the hospital around 8 PM to be admitted; they gave me the induction medicine, then it was just a long process of waiting for my body to do her thing. In the morning, the doctor came when I was ready to break my water while already with the epidural. At 1:45-50 PM, I started pushing, and in just minutes, at 2 PM, Adriana was born!

The pushing experience was so much better. It didn't last three long hours, just 15 minutes, and my last push was a sneeze. I experienced more this birth than my first one because I was not too exhausted, pushing for my mind not to be lost and to enjoy the moment.

Glory to God!

Even though the journey to have them was not easy (IVF story that I will share later), it became a reality to have my two beautiful baby girls. I'm grateful for this third baby that I had the privilege to soon welcome into this world, into this family, to meet his big sisters and extended family, the body of Christ.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I pray that this baby boy can grow in faith and believe in Jesus Christ, witnessing mommy and daddy, sisters, and the discipleship example of those around him, amen!

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