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What do you need for yourself and your baby?

When you are pregnant, you are already so overwhelmed. Your whole body is going through significant changes, but also your life! You are adding a baby to your family, which brings some anxiety. So, in today's blog, I want to help with some of that anxiety by providing a list of mom and baby essentials. The best thing is that it can be added to your registry list!

Let's begin...

Mom Pregnancy Essentials

  1. Prenatal Vitamins - as soon as you know you are pregnant or while you are trying, prenatal vitamins are a must. New studies have shown that you should also add Choline tablets for brain support.

  2. Stanley 40 oz tumbler - you will drink lots of water, so why don't you drink from a cute water bottle? I'm not a fan of water. I'm more of a juicing kind of girl, but having a cute bottle has helped me prioritize water, especially throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  3. Body Pillow - this was great for Adriana's pregnancy last year. It helped me be comfortable while sleeping. This year has not been great, but mostly because I have hip problems and am constantly in pain, no matter how many pillows I have in my bed. But you can try something like this!

  4. Maternity Belly Band - this will help with pregnancy back pain.

  5. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager - mommy needs some massage in the back for all the soreness that pregnancy can bring. It can help alleviate the stress in the shoulders before going to bed.

  6. Frida Mom Pregnancy Skincare Body Relief Set - helps moisturize the skin and even provides a cool feeling for the swelling feet!

  7. Hemorrhoid Cream - helps reduce pain and swelling and eases the itch of hemorrhoidal tissues caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

  8. Comfortable clothes and shoes!

  9. Chiropractor Care - a must-have during your pregnancy. Especially if, like me, you have back-to-back pregnancies. Regular adjustments help with hip pain!

Mom Postpartum Essentials

  1. Frida Mom Delivery & Postpartum Kit - This was so helpful when I had Adriana. It made postpartum pain easier to manage, so I indeed recommended it. What does it include in this kit: Peri Bottle, 4 Underwear, 4 Instant Ice Maxi Padsicles, Witch Hazel Pad Liners (24ct pack), Perineal Healing Foam, toiletry bag, caddy.

  2. Frida Mom Nipple Care - at the beginning of breastfeeding, your nipples can get sore and hurt. Not only that, but they can even crack. The set for nipple care saved my life and made breastfeeding possible for me.

  3. Frida Mom Lactation Massager - This is a must-have if you plan to breastfeed! It helped so much when I experienced clogged ducts + engorgement. It not only vibrates to break those clogged ducts but also provides heat which helps with milk flow.

  4. Nipple Shield - a must-have because it helps to give time to the nipple to recover from soreness. But also helps with flat or inverted nipples and those experiencing latching difficulties.

  5. Haaka Manual Pump - I haven't tried this one yet, but it is highly recommended. So, I will give it a try!

  6. Willow Pump - I wanted a hands-free pump where I could do anything and get that milk. It worked beautifully. I love that it had the breastmilk bags already, which helped with the easy cleanup process. You don't need to buy this specific pump, they are many out there, and I believe Willow just upgraded their pump, too, one less expensive. But having a hands-free pump helped when you have other kids around.

  7. Nursing Pads - Many people choose reusable pads, but I prefer disposable ones because I don't want to have one more thing on my to-do list to do, like washing nursing pads. When it comes to nursing pads, you have to change them every 3 to 4 hours at feeding time. But to help reduce the growth of yeast and bacteria, which can cause infections such as thrush and mastitis, changing them every time they are wet is better.

  8. Frida Nursing Pillow - I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm excited to get it for baby #3 soon! Last year, I breastfed Adriana for four months, and the regular pillow you get was not working well for me. I had to go down too much so Adriana could reach the boob. This new nursing pillow adjusts cushioning as the baby grows, which is incredible!

  9. Frida Mom Pads - after you have your beautiful baby, you will be bleeding for days. The first week will be a lot and require a giant pad. You can choose a big menstrual pad or try Frida ones. This time, I will try these ones since they got good reviews.

  10. PowerPort Cube - this was great while we stayed in the hospital. It has many ports for all our phones or any other device we want to charge. I still use it at home!

  11. Laundry Bag - for all your dirty clothes from the hospital or any other stay.

Baby Essentials


  1. Crib - I haven't tried this one yet, but I'm looking forward to a new crib for Adriana and another one for baby Luis. Adriana uses Sofía's crib, which is broken from IKEA, and we need to change it soon! We like our IKEA crib, but I wanted something different for our baby's room.

  2. Waterproof mattress cover

  3. Muslim crib sheets - the bests!

  4. Knot pillow - when the baby is big enough and starts to move a lot in the crib, it helps them not wake up when they hit themselves with the crib.

  5. Drawer chest - we love IKEA, and much of our furniture is from there, including our baby's dressers.

  6. Changing pad - we recommend not buying a changing pad cover because you will have many accidents with your baby, and leaving it without one will be easier to clean all the mess baby makes!

  7. Butt paste - after you use this for a rash for at least one day or two, we apply lotion, which helps eliminate that rash faster than continuing to use the butt paste for more days.

  8. Wipes dispenser - the best thing ever!

  9. Bedside bassinet - we had this for Adriana, and it made it easier to breastfeed at night. She was right by my side. Besides, it is the cutest bassinet ever!

  10. Infant lounger - this is a must-have! You are so exhausted the first few days that during the day, you can be in your bed while having your baby also by your side. We used this inside the bedside bassinet because the baby feels the bassinet so big that being in the lounger feels more comfortable. We donated the one we used for Sofía and Adriana. We are looking forward to using this one!

  11. Hatch - this is a great night light and sound machine for babies. It helps the babies to stay sleeping for a longer time, especially when they are newborns. Having a background sound simulates still being inside mommy's belly.

  12. Camera - We recently bought this one for Adriana and Sofía because our other ones were not working correctly. As for now, it has worked, and we recommend them to you. We prefer cameras that have a monitor and also have phone access.

  13. Diaper Genie - diapers are smelly; yes, you heard me right! You need a good trash can that can hold that nasty odor. We have another version of the diaper genie, and we look forward to getting this new one this year.

  14. Humidifier & diffuser - babies get sick, and when the baby is too congested, you can add some essential oils to help the baby breathe better.

  15. Travel crib & playard - we don't have one yet, but with a toddler, baby, and another baby on the way, we think this will help us a little more during the day. So, perhaps we are going to give it a try.

  16. Portable swing - Neither Sofia nor Adriana used the portable swing as much. But the one linked is trendy!

  17. Activity chair - we bought this one for Adriana last year, and she loved it; we mostly used it for perhaps three months when she was learning to be seated.

On the go

  1. Diaper bag - as I mentioned in my last blog, I love the Fawn Design! I prefer the square diaper bag to the original because of its size. If you plan to have more children or already have, this will be the best option!

  2. Pacifiers - not all families agree to use pacifiers, but we used them, and this has been one of my favorites.

  3. Formula dispenser - if you decide to switch from breastfeeding to formula like me, or you are already planning on using the formula, you need a formula dispense on the go. This one is very similar to what I already have but upgraded. It can also be used for snacks, so I'm excited to switch to this one.

  4. Bottle warmer - this one also works for breast milk bags!

  5. Muslim burp cloth - you need burp cloths for at least the first six months.

  6. Muslim swaddle blanket - babies love to be swaddled, and I often used this during the day for nap time. For the night, I used the Halo Swaddle; it helped the baby to sleep so much!

  7. Bibs - you need at least 10 for the first six months.

  8. Diaper clutch - We use this clutch every time we go out. It is easier to have diapers with wipes ready to use. But if you prefer not to buy a diaper clutch, you can buy a separate wipes dispenser that works well.

  9. Baby carrier - we never had a baby carrier that also worked for newborns, so we are excited to have this one. It has excellent reviews!

  10. Hip sear carrier - we never had this one either, but since I'm having so many hip problems, it will be so beneficial to use for Adriana and the new baby when it's bigger enough.

  11. A portable sound machine - is a must-have for a newborn if you are out of the house and the baby needs to nap.

  12. Infant car seat - we used this one for Adriana, and it is ready to use for the new baby. Remember to add an extra car seat base for hubby's car!

  13. Infant to toddler car seat - even though we didn't use this one until babies were ten months old, it is great to add to the registry.

  14. Car seat cover - I love this car seat cover so much. It not only helps with windy or cold days, but it also covers breastfeeding. Only one is enough!

  15. Stroller - we love our single to double Mockingbird Stroller! It is also a stroller to add extra items like a bassinet for your newborn. We used this often, A LOT, with Adriana during her first six months.

  16. Compact stroller - we have a compact stroller similar to this one, and it's great when you have to run a quick errand and don't need to bring the whole big stroller.

  17. Cup and phone holder -

  18. Battery fan - a must-have, especially for summertime!

  19. Picnic mat - a must-have! Super easy to clean and super cute!

  20. Portable playpen - we used this a lot inside our home in the first months of Adriana to keep her safe from her big sister. I'm looking forward to using it this summer with all my babies!

  21. Table chair - I don't have this one, but it has excellent reviews and looks super easy to use.

  22. Vomit bags - a must-have! Yes, you babies vomit a lot! It is better to be prepared. Sometimes they give some signs that they are about to vomit, so you can take this and prevent messes, especially in the car.


No need to describe each item here; you need to add them to your registry list! Even if some are for toddler stages, you can keep them in a safe place, and when your baby is ready to use them, you already have them.

  1. Baby bottles

  2. Bottles drying rack

  3. Bottle warmer

  4. Placemat

  5. Silicone bibs

  6. Collapsible snack container

  7. Plates

  8. Small plates

  9. Utensils

  10. Sippy Cups

  11. Floor splat mat

  12. Kids step stool

Safety & Health

  1. Door lever lock

  2. Cabinet locks

  3. Magnetic cabinet locks

  4. Plug protectors

  5. Baby basics kit

  6. Baby sick day kit

  7. Noise, nail, and ear picker

  8. Teething relief - a must-have!

Bath time

  1. Bathtub

  2. Kneeling pad - a must-have; your knees will thank you!

  3. Aveeno baby

  4. Baby sponge

  5. Bath toys

  6. Shower basket


  1. Car seat protector

  2. Backseat organizer

  3. Car trash can

  4. Sun shades

  5. Car mirror

I hope this long list can help you prepare to welcome your new baby into this messy and beautiful world!


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